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That's So Cute Embroidery

TSC Learn: Embroidery Kits

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Why it's good?

We carefully curated these kits based on our personal experience. All of them are beginner-friendly. We want you to start embroidery pronto and worry-fee!

What are the inclusions of each kit?

Ribbon Embroidery

hoop, canvas cloth, ribbons (white and green), fabric paint, scissors, paint brush, pattern, needle set and manual
[FREE] embroidery pen 

Beginner Set

hoop, fabrics, embroidery threads, needle, bobbins and pattern
[FREE] embroidery pen 

DIY Embroidered Accessories

mini hoop, fabrics, embroidery threads, needle, bezels, backing pieces, glue, water-soluble pattern and manual
[FREE] wooden clips

Embroidered Clock

hoop, canvas cloth, embroidery threads, needle set, scissors, clock motor, clock hands, pattern and manual
[FREE] Embroidery pen

Care instructions:

Keep away from reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight and moisture.

Dimensions (box):

  • Ribbon Embroidery - 31x22x5cm
  • Embroidered Clock - 31x22x5cm
  • Beginner set - 16x15x5cm
  • DIY Embroidered Accessories - 16x15x5cm


  • Ribbon Embroidery
  • Embroidered Clock
  • DIY Embroidered Accessories
  • Beginner Set